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LLC Infra is one of the leading infrastructure specialist contractors in Malaysia with over 45 years of experience in major national infrastructure projects. Our proven track record includes some of the nation’s largest infrastructure projects: the Sungai Selangor Water Supply Scheme — 950MLD (Million Liters per Day) Bukit Badong Water Treatment Plant; the Pahang Selangor Interstate Water Transfer project — Kelau Dam and 2260MLD Semantan Intake; the 250MW (Mega Watt) Hulu Terengganu Hydropower project; the National Sewage Scheme — 300,000PE (Persons Equivalent) Kota Setar & Kangar Sewage facilities; the Electrified Double Track project — Rawang–Ipoh and Seremban–Gemas; as well as the major bulk earthworks for the entire Government administrative city of Putrajaya.

  • Overview
  • Water Complete Solutions
    • LLC Infra is an Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) Contractor of complete upstream water infrastructure projects. Our vast experience in water infrastructure ensures that our EPCC solutions are reliable, economical and user focused. Supported by our sister company, Water Engineering Technology, LLC Infra offers full Civil & Structural and Mechanical & Electrical Water Engineering solutions, providing clients with a rare one stop solution centre.

  • Dams
    • Dams are high structures that hold large volumes of water and require strict quality control and expertise in their construction as any failure would result in a major catastrophe. LLC Infra has a proven track record in dam construction and is widely recognized as the leading Malaysian Dam Specialist with a growing track record of over 18 completed and on-going dams. This includes the first Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Dam in Malaysia, the 95m high Kinta Dam, which involves the continuous placement of over 1.0 million cubic meters of concrete, as well as the first dam removal in Malaysia — the LK2 Dam in Putrajaya.

  • Hydropower
    • LLC Infra’ experience and expertise in high dams and complex water works have enabled us to be an ideal Hydropower contractor with a vast fleet of specialized plant comprising large capacity Excavators and the latest Articulated Trucks for the large volumes of earth and rock works and tough hilly hydropower project conditions. Our track record includes the 250MW Hulu Terengganu Hydropower project comprising the Puah Hydrodam and Tembat Hydrodam.

  • Water Treatment Plants
    • LLC Infra has a strong proven track record in construction of WTPs and has been involved in many large capacity WTPs such as the 125MLD Rasa WTP (Sungai Selangor Water Supply Scheme), 125MLD Segaluid WTP (Sandakan Water Supply Scheme), as well as the largest WTP in Malaysia, the 950MLD Bukit Badong WTP (Sungai Selangor Water Supply Scheme).

  • Water Intake & Pumping Stations
      • Intakes and Pumping Stations are key components of a Water Supply system for the pumping and transfer of water, and require expertise in deep construction works next to water courses involving design and construction of temporary cofferdams and de-watering systems. LLC Infra’ expertise in these works is proven and we have the necessary dedicated plant and equipment for these essential temporary works.

      • Intake & Pumpstation Rasa
      • Intake & Pumpstation Sg. Segaluid
      • SIP
  • Pipeline & Reservoirs
    • Pipes are used to convey water and Reservoirs are for storage. LLC Infra has completed over 300km of pipelines with diameters up to a maximum of 3.0m which is the largest water pipe laid in Malaysia. Our reservoir experience includes the construction of over 40 large capacity reservoirs of various shapes and sizes such as the 44.5ML (Million Liters) Hammer Head Putrajaya Reservoir, 27ML Circular Sentul Hill Reservoir and 54ML Rectangular Iskandar Reservoir.

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  • Pumping Stations
    • Sewage Pumping Stations are used to pump sewage from low collection points in built-up areas within cities to Sewage Treatment facilities for treatment. As most Sewage Pumping Stations are within built-up areas, work often involves deep structures next to existing structures and requires expertise in design and installation of temporary shoring works, deep excavation and dewatering systems. Some notable projects are the 200,000PE PS12 pumping station in Putrajaya and the 210,000PE PS16 pumping station in Georgetown, Penang.

  • Treatment Plants
    • Sewage Treatment Facilities are complicated facilities involving physical, chemical and biological processes to treat the sewage before discharge to existing water courses. LLC Infra has been involved in some of the largest Sewage Treatment Facilities for Malaysia under the National Sewage Scheme such as the 300,000PE Kangar Sewage Treatment Facility and the 150,000PE Sludge Collection Facility + 37,000PE Sewage Treatment Facility at Kota Setar.

  • Overview
  • Infrastructure
    • The Kunming – Singapore Electrified Double Track project is a massive railway link across Asia linking China to Singapore. LLC Infra has completed over 60km of railway lines and has been involved in two significant portions of the Electrified Double Track: the Rawang-Ipoh EDT and Seremban-Gemas EDT. Besides the EDT, LLC Infra has also completed the rehabilitation of the Parit Buntar railway line.

  • Bridges
    • Rail Bridges and Road over Rail Bridges require experience and strong engineering capabilities to construct as they often involve work next to or over existing live operational railways. LLC Infra has completed over 20 rail and road over rail bridges including some of the longest and more complex bridges such as the 300m long RB333 Rail bridge, the Tg. Malim new interchange, Precinct 7 Bridge over ERL and the Tg. Malim new crossing.

  • Stations
    • Construction of Railway Stations requires extra care and safety as the stations are often built next to existing live operational lines and requires works over the existing lines such as roofs, walkways, bridges, etc. LLC Infra’ railway experience provides a strong platform for Railway station construction as well as design. Notable achievements include the Kepong Sentral Railway Station and the JB Sentral Station.

  • Overview
  • Bulk Earthwork
      • LLC Infra is a leading bulk earthworks contractor with a modern fleet of large capacity earthworks plant and machinery. Our achievements include the bulk earthworks for the Administrative Capital of Putrajaya, where over 17 million cubic meters of earthworks was completed within 24 months.

      • Putrajaya
  • Institutional Buildings
      • LLC Infra is also highly specialised in Institutional buildings and has completed facilities for over 10,000 students such as the Multimedia University, Yayasan Saad College and the Putrajaya Smart School including support facilities such as multipurpose/sports halls, football fields, swimming pools, etc.

      • MMU
      • Smart School
      • Yayasan Saad