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Vision, Mission and Quality Policy


LLC Berhad's vision is to be a key player in all our businesses by focusing on meeting our clients’ needs, nurturing and grooming our workforce talent and leveraging on the latest technologies.

Mission Statement

LLC Berhad aims to be a key player in all our businesses. To achieve this we believe that we must have:-

  • CLIENT FOCUS - Focus on meeting and exceeding our clients’ needs by understanding their requirements and providing exceptional value in all our product offerings and services.
  • TALENT FOCUS - We need to ensure that our workforce talent is the best by providing a safe and conducive environment in which teamwork and personal development can flourish, as well as ensuring a systematic and fair method for rewarding.
  • TECHNOLOGY FOCUS - Technology is a key tool in our businesses and we believe that to have a leading edge, we need to constantly improve our productivity and efficiency by investing in the latest equipment and technologies.

Quality Policy

LLC Berhad is committed to adopt and continually improve a Quality Management System with the following focuses:-

    • To meet and exceed our Clients' needs;
    • Committed to effectiveness and efficiency;
    • Comply to all relevant statutory, regulatory & Client requirements;
    • Adopt effective and consistent interaction both internally and externally;
    • Promote staff development;
    • Ensure employees’ health and safety;
    • Adopt effective and consistent interaction on personal development;
    • Applying the latest equipment and technologies to improve productivity.